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About Me

Bill working on his sawMy name is Bill Robinson and I live in the Lake District, Cumbria, UK. I have been woodturning for over 30 years and I have used a Union Graduate lathe. I am currently using a Vicmark 300 lathe which I bought in 2008.

Having been working with wood most of my working life and doing some single piece woodturning both as a hobby and in my cabinet making business, it was an easy decision to move onto segmented woodturning.

After taking early retirement I now had the opportunity to complete various building projects around the house, one being a conservatory/patio which had to be built up from a lower level allowing me to design in a new 40' x 20' workshop underneath.

After looking on the Internet and reading a lot of books on the subject of segmented woodturning, I have found many wonderful items that can be constructed through segmenting. By using the many varieties of natural colours found in exotic woods from all over the world and not being constrained by the size of a single piece of wood has allowed me to paint patterns in wood. Now I'M HOOKED on segmented woodturning and spend many happy hours in the workshop.

Since becoming more and more involved in woodturning I have joined 2 local woodturning groups that I attend on a regular basis.
These are:

Any newcomers to woodturning should consider joining their local club, as it's a great place to meet many new friends and exchange ideas to improve their skills.

'Sunrise' Vase - Item No.295